Tea Jewelry

Catch everyone's eye with our delightful teapot jewelry! This exquisite tea jewelry is handcrafted from sterling silver in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains.

Our teapot charms offer unique and versatile ways to show your love for tea. Whether adorning a delicate silver necklace, a special tea gift, or your tea party table, our teapot charms are sure to attract attention. If you really want to impress the tea lovers in your life, our teapot charms make a unique accent attached to the ribbon of your favorite tea gifts. The generous party planner in you will want to share these gorgeous teapot charms with your tea party guests as tea party favors. These teapot charms will look stunning tied gracefully with ribbons to your napkins or dangling from the handles of your favorite teacups. Recognize your guests' individual style with a unique teapot charm for each person or make a statement by featuring the same exquisite teapot charm for a radiant setting that will surely have your friends talking. We are certain our teapot charms will "charm" you and will impress your tea-loving friends!

And, don't forget the youngest tea lovers in your life! Our children's teapot bracelet will hang daintily from her tiny wrist as she pours tea at her first tea party. As she grows older, our teapot and teacup charms will make beautiful additions to her sterling silver charm bracelet. Wonderful reminders of special tea parties shared with friends and family!